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World's Fastest Encryption

QwyitChip™ and QwyitSDK™

World's Fastest Universal Encryption for Dynamic Security

The Qwyit™ authentication and data encryption method in H/W and S/W


There are two basic processes that occur in any digital security: authentication and encryption. The first is mostly ignored, or ‘summarized’ into the opening of data sessions; the second is ‘standardized’ into the use of an ‘approved’ algorithm. Currently, this is done almost exclusively in software. It's also where all the problems keep happening every day.
Learn why Hardware security is the answer!

Technical overview of Qwyit™ authentication and data encryption as formulated on an FPGA for hardware application – QwyitChip™, and identically in software as an SDK - QwyitSDK™. Any device, and any application, will be able to incorporate this into their S/W, H/W designs, providing universal, simple and world's fastest authentication and data encryption services. This solves the main issue with current communication networks: security complexity leading to inherent implementation problems, including the complete lack of use and worst of all, the inability to use.


Exactly as Dolby® Labs succeeded in proliferating their sound technology by building prototypes and demonstrating to marketplace participants, we will do the same with our superior component Qwyit™ cyber-technology.



*Qwyit’s mathematics has been verified by independent cryptographic experts:

*Qwyit submitted to NIST for US National Standard for Lightweight Cryptography workshop 2015:
Qwyit Patents: US 2016/0301672; US 9,374,347; US 8,649,520; US 2012/0260087; provisionals
* Formerly Real Privacy Management (RPM)

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