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Qwyit LLC

True Cryptography Innovation

Qwyit™ - Authentication and encryption for any network, application, device

Qwyit Compared


Demonstration laboratory for Qwyit® security technology proliferation.

Exactly as Dolby® Labs was created/succeeded in proliferating their sound technology by building prototypes and demonstrating to marketplace participants, we will do the same with our superior component Qwyit™ cyber-technology.

Help us with the Lab!


*Qwyit’s mathematics has been verified by independent cryptographic experts:

*Qwyit submitted to NIST for US National Standard for Lightweight Cryptography workshop 2015:

Qwyit Patents: US 2016/0301672; US 9,374,347; US 8,649,520; US 2012/0260087; provisional

* Formerly Real Privacy Management (RPM)

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