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Why Qwyit®

Qwyit® LLC delivers the world’s first unbreakable crypto system for use in digital communications.


Our QwyitTalk™ Security as a Service platform provides the proven TLS process using our patented authentication and encryption protocol. Any network, any application, every communications product can instantly offer secure, private messaging by simple, universal connection to our globally available QwyitTalk™ SaaS platform.

Our performance and efficiency are order of magnitude improvements over current TLS methods. Our ease of use, integration and uniform connectivity are light years ahead of today’s complex, incomprehensible, by-passed trust. Our QwyitTalk™ SaaS platform finally delivers what every digital consumer has expected since the inception of IT networks: intuitive, fast, unbreakable security and privacy in every transmission.

Qwyit will partner with a worldwide technology leader for the exclusive licensing and operation of the common QwyitTalk™ SaaS directory server. Our partner will provide universal, uniform unbreakable QwyitTalk™ connectivity for any and all networks, applications and comm products that want and need unbreakable, fast communications. Ideal candidates include companies with global web presence, worldwide service providers, Tier 1/infrastructure giants and leading innovation and manufacturing companies.

In 2018, Qwyit will introduce our QwyitTalk™ SaaS prototype workshop – QwyitLab™ – where we will demonstrate QwyitTalk™ SaaS platform connectivity for marketplace and industry applications to companies. In just the same way that Ray Dolby began, QwyitLab™ will invite industry participants and demonstrate universal unbreakable prototype connectivity for their communications products. Qwyit will implement this proven model for the introduction and proliferation of groundbreaking component technology: our QwyitTalk™ SaaS. QwyitLab™ will iteratively select, research, prototype and introduce an ever-expanding list of different industry applications and products – and after of seeing their products unbreakably secured in prototype demonstration of the superior benefits and performance, our list of licensees will continue to grow. 

Qwyit™ is looking forward to a landmark year: selection and implementation of the QwyitTalk™ SaaS platform through our exclusive global technology partner; and the successful introduction of our QwyitLab™ industry-specific prototype demonstration workshop for marketplace communications products. It’s time that digital communication had the breakthrough it desperately needs: universal, uniform, superior performing, easy to implement, use and understand QwyitTalk™ SaaS platform – unbreakable secure communications. 

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