QwyitChip™ / QwyitSDK™

World’s Fastest, Most Efficient, Provably Secure Encryption Engines

Universal H/W and S/W Security

Every device, app, network - any digital asset - can use our simple, universal and World's Fastest authentication and data encryption engines. 
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Why use it?

There's plenty of 'good enough' security, right? Wrong! None of it can do this - Dynamic Security

How to use it

Everything you need to know:
Reference Guide
API doc

One clock cycle and provably secure...Really?!

Search for "Cryptographic Ideal System", and you'll get anything but what it is: Shannon's well-defined Perfect Secrecy example - from his landmark 1949 paper. How could all of cryptography have overlooked the only practical, usable chapters? We didn't...and YES:
QwyitChip™ is 1 clock cycle - Specs
QCy™ is provably secure: 
Tech Presentation
Reference Guide White paper

Here's the FPGA Proof!

See it for yourself!

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